GREENOV®, the new brand for TECHNA’s plant specialities

In 2019, the TECHNA Group’s plant specialities have overhauled their visual identity and launched their own brand: GREENOV®. This new image reflects GREENOV®'s commitment to better address the challenges facing today’s agri-food industry by helping farmers upgrade their practices towards more sustainable methods in order to support the productivity and profitability of agriculture.

A genuine know-how in foliar preparations

An integral part of TECHNA for more than 20 years, HEXAGRI has been helping their customers to upgrade their practices through innovative modes of production. Stimulating plants’ natural defences, keeping certain pests away when the crop is planted, preventing birds from picking up seeds that have just been sown are just some of the solutions proposed by HEXAGRI. Our technicians and specialists, as well as multiple partners, apply their knowledge in field crops, specialized crops, market gardening, and floriculture, in France and abroad.

GREENOV® proposes a broad range of products allowing crops to fully develop their productive potential. Thanks to their innovative action mode, the foliar preparations of the GREENOV® brand support the plant in the development of its defense arsenal.

Balancing crop quality, with performance, economic optimisation and sustainability

At GREENOV®, we are committed, through the development of complementary solutions, to a careful use of pesticides to support the productivity and profitability of agriculture.

GREENOV® proudly bears TECHNA’s signature : « More than Nutrition ». From now on, growing healthy plants is a requirement for good performance and cost optimisation. However, a focus on plant health also means moving to more natural, eco-responsible methods that are respectful of the natural environment and of the consumer’s trust. Performance, Nature & Respect—these three words sum up the demands of our current and future markets.

Through TECHNA Group’s five trades, we combine sustainable agriculture with performance in order to meet current and future global food demand. Our ambition is to further the health and well-being of people, animals and the planet through our activities in France and abroad.

Today, in France, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, South-America, Africa and many other countries, GREENOV® experts are available to assist you with the sustainable management of crops.

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Contributes to the quality of straw cereals
Contributes to the quality of straw cereals
COLEOFAR® Arable Crop T
Contributes to the growth and balance of corn crops and other plants with high starting requirements