Crop quality

Expert’s take

reducing plant health products and pesticides on greenhouse tomatoesBetween 1950 and 1990, the world’s population almost doubled. This same period saw an increase in agricultural productivity thanks to considerable improvements in agricultural practices, the selection of higher performance seed varieties and the use of chemicals. Studies have shown that vegetables and fruits, such as lettuce, strawberries and tomatoes, contain a number of chemical residues, some of which are harmful to humans. Today in France, the Plan Ecophyto, launched in 2008 following the French Grenelle Environnement round table on environmental issues and led by the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, is aimed at progressively reducing the use of plant health products and pesticides, while maintaining an agricultural sector that is economically healthy.

Against this background, how is it possible to reconcile the quality of agricultural production with farm profitability in a context of permanent globalisation? Farmers today have to consider very carefully at an upstream stage which practices to adopt and need to grow fruits, vegetables and cereals meeting specifications that are increasingly rigorous in nature. How is it possible to remain competitive in the context of globalisation and ensure high-quality production? With this objective in mind, TECHNA Group experts share their view of a number of production contexts. They also suggest effective solutions that represent a risk-free alternative to the use of conventional products.