AVIFAR® range

Gives your crops wings.

logo product range nutrition support growth plants AvifarThe AVIFAR® product range provides the plant with the nutritional support it requires for growth and balance. Thanks to this support, the plant is better able to express its production potential, thereby increasing yields. AVIFAR® is a range that has been developed thanks to Greenov by Techna research.
The following scenarios can present risks for plants:

  • isolated fields or large, open fields, location close to woodland and/or large trees, as well as nesting areas such as crow nesting sites;
  • the presence of chicks in the nest, forcing adult birds to seek more food, including, for example, maize at the 2 to 4-leaves stage;
  • agricultural techniques that help attract and keep birds on fields, such as crops sown at different times compared to neighbouring fields or very soon after tillage (surface worms and seeds).

It is therefore important to carefully control sowing depth and fortify young plants during the starting phase in order to minimise the consequences of bird damage. This reinforcement involves optimising the plant’s mineral and water absorption and making the cell walls thicker.

the objective being to create an environment unfavourable to bird pests.

AVIFAR® can be used on corn and sunflower, as well as cereals and peas.

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Contributes to support the growth and balance of field crops