Gives you crops a healthy appearance.

logo product range stimulate crop growth ColeofarIt is vitally important to ensure crops are planted in optimum conditions focusing on varieties associated with good early vigour.

COLEOFAR® helps stimulate corn and a host of other crops that are demanding during the starting period (soft wheat and hard wheat, barley, grazing grass, etc.).

COLEOFAR® is also beneficial for obtaining more dynamic early growth and ensuring good regularity of individual plants. Foliar stimulation is provided by trace elements (Cu, Zn, Mn, Mo, Fer, Co, etc.) meeting the specific requirements of maize.

A number of agronomic precautions need to be taken in this respect:

  • regular soil tillage;
  • optimum conditions for promoting early plant vigour;
  • crop rotation and liming.

Any programme incorporating COLEOFAR® confirms its green and visual effect on corn, when it is added in a solution at the recommended dose. It can be used on a broad range of crops:

  • corn silage, corn grain, sorghum, etc.
  • cucurbitaceae, onions, potatoes, lettuce, beans and field peas, etc.

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COLEOFAR® Arable Crop T
Contributes to the growth and balance of corn crops and other plants with high starting requirements
COLEOFAR® Fruit Tree
Contributes to the growth and balance of fruit trees
COLEOFAR® Cucurbit and Rose Bush
Contributes to the physiological adaptation of cucurbits and rosebush in the event of environmental attacks.
COLEOFAR® Vegetable Garden T
Contributes to support the growth and balance of garden crops in the event of environmental aggressions.