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OPTIPLANT® Aubergines & Pepper PFS

Contributes to the quality of aubergines and pepper crops

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OPTIPLANT® Aubergines & Pepper PFS allows eggplant and pepper crops to best express their production potential. It contributes to the quality of eggplant (aubergine) and pepper crops.
OPTIPLANT® Aubergines & Pepper PFS stems from the TECHNA Group research. This product provides plants with nutritional support to promote the growth and balance of aubergines (or eggplants) and peppers.
OPTIPLANT® Aubergine & Pepper PFS brings a response to environmental attacks: resistance to cold, drought…


Mix of trace elements

Direction For Use

It is recommended to use OPTIPLANT® Aubergine & Pepper PFS as follows:

  • In foliar pulverization: dilute 1,5L per ha in 800 à 1000 liters of water from the seedling stage (before sensitive climatic periods)
  • Recommended applications: every 10 days.
  • In the nutritive solution: dilute 3L per ha in drip application system at implantation (diurnal refeeding).
  • Recommended applications: every 15 days.

Liquid - 10L can

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