Know-how in the field of foliar preparations

Greenov by Techna proposes original solutions for foliar application in the field of plant nutrition.

rational crop management rape corn sunflower

This expertise, built up over more than 10 years is based on the exploration of reliable and effective solutions. We have genuine know-how in the field of foliar preparations. We design, produce and market natural complementary solutions. The objective? To allow plants to best express their productive potential.

Our products are intended for:

  • arable crops,
  • market gardening,
  • flower crops and small-scale vegetable crops.

Greenov by Techna are the result of skilful blending of minerals and trace elements. They draw on all the resources and experience acquired by the group in the field of plant nutrition.


Balancing crop quality, yields and cost control

The products fit squarely with a rational, eco-responsible approach. Their vocation? To generate the best farming practices, underpinned by an unwavering guiding principle: “A plant that naturally expresses its full productive potential reduces the cost of production.”

This approach combines cutting-edge research with concrete challenges encountered on the ground. The R&D department dedicated to Plant Specialities is constantly attentive to the needs of users. R&D, formulation and production teams work together in synergy to develop products that address the challenges facing farmers, while also meeting industry standards, of course.


Experts in rational crop management

Our products offer a high environmental and ethical value. They undergo numerous tests in France and elsewhere. Our specialists work closely with official institutes, private research stations and distributor partners in the field.

Greenov by Techna are also supported by its team of men and women, hands-on experts in technical processes. They defend the principles of rational crop management. They promote a reliable strategy that has been tried and tested in numerous crops:

Fiedl crops

  • soft wheat, hard wheat, barley, triticale
  • rapeseed, sunflowers, field peas, broad beans, lupins
  • corn silage, corn grain, sweetcorn, sorghum

Flower crops

  • roses, carnations and lisianthus

Market gardening

  • tomatoes, strawberries
  • melons, cucumbers, courgettes
  • French beans, green peas
  • peppers, aubergines

Vegetable gardens

  • professional solutions for gardeners

From gardeners to farmers

product range optiplant for plant nutritionOPTIPLANT®, COLEOFAR®, AVIFAR®: all these product ranges have been 100% made in France since the creation of the division in 1995. Offering a high environmental and ethical value, these ranges are designed for production in line with organic fertiliser specifications.

Cereal growers, mixed and livestock farmers, fruit, vegetable and flower growers… Our users range from small-scale gardeners to large-scale farmers.

Where can you find these solutions? At merchants, cooperatives, specialist stores and self-service farm supply stores. Easy to use, they can be applied to field crops, market garden crops, flowers or vegetables.

Our solutions and services are designed to generate the best farming practices and help conquer new markets. The global context is increasingly focused on combining productivity with sustainability. Our products provide reliable solutions, consistent with current requirements in terms of both agriculture and environmental quality.



Naturally effective. OPTIPLANT® is a range of products developed as a result of Greenov by Techna research; the products provide plants with nutritional support to promote growth and balance. This support enables the plant to best express its production potential, and offers interesting y...
Gives you crops a healthy appearance. It is vitally important to ensure crops are planted in optimum conditions focusing on varieties associated with good early vigour. COLEOFAR® helps stimulate corn and a host of other crops that are demanding during the starting period (soft wheat and har...
AVIFAR® range
Gives your crops wings. The AVIFAR® product range provides the plant with the nutritional support it requires for growth and balance. Thanks to this support, the plant is better able to express its production potential, thereby increasing yields. AVIFAR® is a range that has been developed than...