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Specializing in plant nutrition, the TECHNA Group proposes original solutions that are respectful to humans and the environment. Our complementary solutions allow plants to best express their production potential and to adapt to environmental attacks.

Our products offer feasible solutions that respect the current constraints of agriculture but also the environmental quality of different crop types:

  • Field crops,
  • Vegetable crops,
  • Floral and ornamental crops.

"A plant which naturally expresses its full potential means a reduction of crop costs."

Our approach consists in forging the most sustainable agricultural practices in a context in which high yields equates more and more sustainability.

User experience

Flower and fruits

We reduced powdery mildew pressure by more than 50%.

Vegetable crops

It’s the first year that everything has gone well, right through to the end of the season.

Field crops

By incorporating COLEOFAR® into my crop management techniques, I very quickly observed visible benefits: visual effect, better growth, etc.

Flower and fruits

The average yield in the greenhouse was 600 grams per plant, which was quite satisfactory.

Field crops

The pests moved away from the area where the product was applied and the attack was stopped.

Field crops

The year was particularly wet and everything went smoothly, right through to harvest.


Plant specialities across the globe

TECHNA Group's plant specialities are available in France and abroad through our sales team and our distributor network. Discover our stores or contact our sales rep.

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