AVIFAR corn user review

Review of Avifar® Corn : Lionel Rocheteau

GAEC Vallée de La BOULOGNE, Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne - France (Vendée 85)


“Having tested various bird-scaring methods with little success (...), I decided to apply AVIFAR® at a dose of 5 l/ha. The pests moved away from the area where the product was applied and the attack was stopped.”

The farmer’s objective

Ensure good establishment of corn after sowing.

Crop management

Lionel observed that on two of his fields - 2 ha and 3.6 ha respectively -, around 20% of seedlings had been unearthed. He noted that the damage caused to his young corn plants (2 to 3-leaves stage) was characteristic of jackdaws and rooks.